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Andrée Weimer

368 High Street

Flushing, OH, 43977

Tel:  (740) 582 0408

email: andreel@hotmail.com


Artist’s Homepage:  www.FrenchFineArt.wordpress.com


My name is Andrée Weimer. I am a french full-time artist living in Ohio.

After discovering a hidden talent and foremost passion, I wake up every morning excited about painting.

But painting was not always my focus in life. Here are some highlights from my life:

I was born in 1968 in Rennes, France.

After graduating in 1986, at age 18, I decided to “see the world” and signed up for a year as a “live-in nanny” in West Berlin, Germany.  I didn’t speak a word of German.

I loved Germany! Not only did I learn to speak fluent German. But I also met some of my dearest friend, I was there when the Berlin wall was standing and I watched it fall. I have so many memories of my time there.

Following the first year, I studied software engineering at the “technische Fachhochule Berlin” and graduated in 1992. After that began what I like to call my “old carrer life”. I worked in different companies in Berlin and  Stuttgart (south west of Germany) where I moved in 1994.  I then worked as a computer programing consultant for CSC Ploenzke.

I am fluent in German, English and French. I know some Spanish (I had four years in school) and can speak some Italian. By now, you should have noticed that I love learning new languages and experiencing different cultures.

As a younger woman, I drove across North Africa with a friend in a Land Rover, slept in castles in Scotland, camped across Europe and the U.S. and visited Victoria Island, Canada (one of my favorite places).

In 1999, my American pen-pal, David, flew over from the States to visit me on the same day of the solar eclipse. We had been writing for 18 years.

We were married in 2000, in Sparta, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Guillaume, our first son, was born in October 2000, in Filderstadt, Germany  and soon after we all moved to Toulouse, in the South West of France.

For a year, we organized different activities based around a skatepark for skateboarders, bmx riders and inline skaters.

We moved back to the States in 2002. Our second   son, Benjamin was born in January 2004, in Howell, Michigan, U.S.A.

Did I say I like to travel???

I have always liked to draw,  but it’s only in 2006 that I discovered how much I loved it. I also started to paint, and I haven’t put the brush down since then. Every day I  can’t wait to find some time to paint.

During the past years, I have had my paintings hung in different local exhibits, won some prices and established my name as a local portrait artist for people and animals.

Back in Germany, I was also a freelance instructor for IBM. I would travel to Switzerland, Austria and throughout Germany to teach people how to program computers.

Today, as an artist, I am passionate about painting and finding ways to express myself creatively.  I want to share this joy and my gift with others.  I began teaching art in November 2011 at various venues.

I am enthusiastic about helping people realize just how talented they really are and I delight in seeing them discover their inner artist.


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